Digital storytelling resources

Recently the interest in Digital Storytelling has grown at CPUT.

Interesting sites

Center for Digital Storytelling

University of Houston Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling


My prezi on DST:


Digital storytelling cookbook:

Robin, B.R., 2005. The Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling.

Long, B., 2011. Digital Storytelling and Meaning Making: Critical Reflection , Creativity and Technology in Pre-service Teacher Education. In Digital storytelling conference. pp. 1-27.

Kajder, S.B., 2004. Enter Here: Personal Narrative and Digital Storytelling. The English Journal, 93(3), pp.64-68. Available at: [Accessed October 10, 2010].

Barrett, H., 2006. Digital Stories in ePortfolios: Multiple Purposes and Tools. Available at: [Accessed January 25, 2011].

Rolon-Dow, R., 2011. Race(ing) stories: digital storytelling as a tool for critical race scholarship. Race Ethnicity and Education, 14(2), pp.159-173. Available at: [Accessed April 15, 2011].

Examples of DST

Software used

  • Windows MovieMaker to create and edit digital movies: XP or Live depending on Windows software on your laptop
  •  Audacity and Lame encoder to record and edit audio

  • Artweaver for image editing

  •  Real player to convert audio files

Royalty free images and sound (under advanced search you can tick Creative Commons only) (for royalty free sound tracks)

Some examples of stories developed at CPUT

2010 Education student project

2011 Education student projects

2011 Train the trainer workshop


Interesting conferences

Narrative matters:

Create – Share – Listen: 4th International Conference on Digital Storytelling:  Next conference in 2013!

International Digital Storytelling: Valencia,


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