Personal Learning Environments for Teaching & Research

Workshop title: Personal Learning Environments for Teaching and Research
Presenter: Michael Rowe, UWC
Date and location: Wednesday, 13th of April 2011, 14.00-16.00, 4.16 computer lab at the Business Faculty, Cape Town Campus
Workshop outline

Personal Learning Environments (PLE’s) allow us to incorporate the multiple unique learning contexts that each of us experience, using social media to create integrated environments and networks that promote personal learning. Small pieces of loosely connected software are used to aggregate, filter, re-purpose, connect and share a selection of personal learning objects that are accessible in multiple contexts via multiple devices. This presentation will conceptualize the PLE within the context of higher education and explore some of the ways in which research and teaching can be facilitated using online social tools.

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Workshop resources:

Podcasts  PLE_IntroductionPLE_Sharing new information ; PLE_Conclusion

Powerpoint presentation

Some of the tools Michael mentioned in his presentation: (blogtool) (social network plug-in for WordPress) (web highlighter, sticky notes, social bookmarking) (microblogging) (Twitter desktop client) (pdf and reference management) (online chat tool) (file sharing, content management tool) (content aggregator) (powerpoint repository) (online publishing, abstract repository)


About D Gachago

I have been working in the field of eLearning for more than 10 years, in commercial companies and in Higher Education, in Austria, Botswana, Scotland and now South Africa. I am still enthusiastic about all the interesting stuff that's going on and am trying desperately to keep on top of all the new technology coming out (not always managing very well).
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