Using Digital Storytelling as an approach to introducing technology skills

Facilitator:  Andre Daniels (UWC)

Date, time and venue: 4th of May 2010, 14.00-16.00, Room 1.16, Education Building (main building), Mowbray campus.

Workshop description:

Andre Daniels - UWC

Digital Storytelling has its origins in Berkeley, California and is traditionally seen as a first-person narrative on a life experience. While it is often used for therapeutic purposes in arts and popular education this presentation deals with it as an approach to equipping learners with technology skills.

Students from various departments and faculties join the Digital Media unit throughout the year to work on the workstudy programme to assist staff and students with their multimedia tasks. Students are generally underprepared for work in a digital media environment as UWC do not offer any media courses that may equip students. One of the smaller projects that the students form part of is the RipMixLearners Project which requires learners to gather lecture material such as podcasts, notes and slides and to make them available on the web. Traditionally, our students are consumers of knowledge rather than producers and so the challenge remains to change that particular thought paradigm. Digital storytelling provided us with a project-based approach to addressing some of these challenges.

Workshop materials:

PPT presentation (for download)

Andre’s presentation (podcast) -50 min

Question and Answer time (podcast) – 27 min

Websites: UWC student-generated course content site : International digital storytelling initiative supporting the telling of stories that all too often remain unspoken… Online meeting place for community digital storytelling facilitators and advocates : Center for Digital Storytelling, international research organisation in Berkeley, California, dedicated to assisting people in using digital meida to tell meaningful stories from their lives….


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