Web2.0 tools for teaching, learning and research

Who says CPUT lecturers are behind when using technology? Over the last few weeks I have discovered a number of really interesting blogs run by CPUT staff and gotten more and more requests of lecturers to create blogs and Facebook groups for them. This is for example a very vibrant blog run by Ayesha Toyer from the Public Relations Management Department at CPUT. The communications lecturers in Engineering have started a blog to collaboratively write a story with their students and the Mentoring unit has created a Facebook group for mentors and mentees in one of the residences. We also ran a really interesting workshop on the use of Mxit for student support which created a lot of interest.

So I thought this is the right time to collect a few pointers for lecturers interested in using Web2.0 technology in their teaching and learning:

  •  Web2.0 tools for teaching a learning: this is the video of a talk I gave for the TDP programme here at CPUT and it gives you a first overview of the tools available out there

Web2.0 tools for teaching from Daniela Gachago on Vimeo. (30 Min, 180 MB)

  • School 2.0 in SA: great blog run by Maggie Vester with weekly updates on Web2.0 bookmarks  http://maggiev.edublogs.org/
  • The amazing Web2.0 projects book: For lecturers who are interested in examples of how Web2.0 tools have been used in primary and secondary school, a really good resource has just been just published by Terry Freedman.

If you would like to see more examples on how CPUT lecturers use Web2.o tools, let me know (gachagod@cput.ac.za)!


About D Gachago

I have been working in the field of eLearning for more than 10 years, in commercial companies and in Higher Education, in Austria, Botswana, Scotland and now South Africa. I am still enthusiastic about all the interesting stuff that's going on and am trying desperately to keep on top of all the new technology coming out (not always managing very well).
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