Let’s Mxit! The use of mobile technology for supporting students’ learning

Facilitators: Ronald Arendse (UWC), Amanda Morris and Roux Rossouw (CPUT).       

Date, time and venue: 10th of March 2010, 9.00-12.00, Faculty of Engineering, Cape Town Campus, room 3.15, Engineering Building.

Workshop description:       

Academics need to recognize the growing and important role cell phones play in students’ lives.  For a generation weaned on instant messaging, text messaging, and the web, there is a need for instructors to design instructional strategies based on these digital learning styles to meet students in their own world.       

Join us for an exciting workshop on the use of Mxit, MMS and notify.me to support your students’ learning.       

Workshop resources:       





Ronald Arendse


Ronald Arendse: The use of Mxit for supporting students’ learning       

Podcast Arendse (30  mins, 34 MB)
Presentation (pdf, 2 MB)     





Amanda Morris


Amanda Morris: The use of MMS in Graphic Design Courses      

Podcast (42 mins, 19.3 MB)       

Presentation (pdf, 725 kb)       

Access to Mxit webclient: click here.


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